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Fusar, an emerging sports tech innovator, set out to create a richer and safer experience for action sports enthusiasts. They came to us with the Mohawk, an all-in-one kit that turns any helmet into a full-blown smart helmet.

The kit consisted of a helmet-mounted camera, handlebar/wrist remotes, and a Bluetooth headset. It incorporated the functionalities of previously separate devices: two-way communicator, GPS locator/navigator, mounted camera, emergency response system, activity tracker, and more.

Our solution had to echo and amplify Fusar’s business model and strategy. Therefore, in designing the UX and defining the Mohawk app, we continued the brand’s sleek design and advanced functionality.

With the most aerodynamic helmet-mounted camera on the market, the Mohawk offers 12MP photos and 1080p video at 30/60 FPS, all operated via the handlebar/wrist remotes. To match these impressive features, we branded and styled the UX and interfaces using a clean, sporty, informative design.

Mohawk provides unlimited-range communication with simple smartphone syncing and GPS location, including a list of friends and fellow sportspeople to prevent group members losing sight of each other, it includes lifesaving safety features. It can detect whether you’ve been in an collision, and instantly alerts your loved ones sending them your precise geolocation info.

We developed the Mohawk app as a native app, with solutions for interfacing with complex Bluetooth LE 4.0 field-to-device protocols. The end result was a smoothly integrated product experience.

Now Fusar had a product that was visually dazzling and technically unmatched. We are glad to report that we’ve helped them to prelaunch the Mohawk at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to resoundingly positive feedback.

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